Ahmed Al Shehhi

College: Dubai Men's College

I joined HCT with a scholarship from ADNOC, and I worked as an electrical technician. However, after I graduated from HCT in 2006, I felt there were many doors opened to me to climb the career ladder to reach what I used to call ‘a dream’.

I started as a trainee Electrical Engineer with a two-year training programme, but I could not wait that much time to take responsibility. So, within a year, I finished my training programme, took full responsibility, and built up my engineering reputation as one of the best engineers in the company.

With full confidence from the knowledge and good work experience at work, that my education helped me to gain, I improved and modified the company system, by adding valuable ideas that I learned during my studies. Now, after I applied what I studied and used my long experience at FERTIL, I got promotions, one after the other, to reach where I am today.

My dream now is to be the CEO of FERTIL. This is running in my head and it will happen one day.