HE Dr Ali M Al Khouri

College: Abu Dhabi Men's College
Year of Graduation: 1998

HE Dr Engineer Ali Mohamed Al Khouri is the Director General of the Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID), a role he has held since 2009. As Director General, Dr Al Khouri plays a vital role in leading the Emirates ID team towards achieving the Authority’s strategic goals.

Dr Al Khouri was responsible for forming and leading a team to develop Emirates ID’s strategic plan for 2010-2013, which included organisational restructuring and business process reengineering of key operations, thereby reducing the cost of the authority’s production line by about 70% within the first two years.

He was a member of the e-Government Committee in Abu Dhabi Police GHQ from 1990-2003. Thereafter, he joined the Ministry of Interior as a member of the Executive Committee for the identity infrastructure development program management.

In 2005, Dr Al Khouri moved to the Emirates Identity Authority as Assistant Director General for Central Operations and Chairman of the Technical Committee for the Population Register and ID Card (PRIDC). Later, he became Executive Director for Strategic Planning.

Dr Al Khouri is a fellow of the Canadian Society of Project Managers and Business Administration, and fellow of the British Computer Society (BCS). He was a visiting faculty at the University of Manchester and the University of Warwick during 2004-2008.

He completed his Higher Diploma in Business Information Technology from the HCT ADMC in 1997-1998 academic year. He went on to complete a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Business Management from the University of Manchester, UK, followed by a Master’s in Science in Information Management from the College of Management of Sciences, University of Lancaster, UK. He also holds an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) from the University of Warwick, UK, in Engineering Management.