College: Fujairah Women's College


In 2008 I worked as an ITEC teacher at Al Raiyan Primary School for boys, then I moved to Al Bahar Primary School for girls after one year.  There are many reasons why I moved to Al Bahar School and the most vital one is that Al Raiyan School is far away from Fujairah. I had to drive 50 minutes every day to reach there. It was a challenge for me because I was still studying my bachelor programme at FWC in the evening.  I spent two hours travelling daily.  Managing my time was my biggest concern where I needed to finish my school work as a teacher and my projects for my bachelor degree.  On the other hand, it was a wonderful experience for me. I discovered beautiful places and villages in Fujairah that I didn’t know about before and I met very nice people too.   After moving to Al Bahar School, I graduated from bachelor and I went for my master’s.  When I studied my master’s, I was still working in Fujairah and the university was located in Dubai. It was another challenge for me. Although it is an online university; we had to attend three times for each course every term. In addition, there were times where I needed to go to meet my teachers to discuss my projects. Actually, studying for the master’s is much harder than bachelor and with online studies you need to depend more on yourself and go through many resources which take time to finish your projects.

After graduating from the master’s programme, I got married and moved to Abu Dhabi. I got an offer to work with HCT as Assistant System Registrar because I was responsible for registering students at school. I accepted the offer and started working there in January 2013.  It is a pleasure for me to come back again to HCT but as an employee. I’m sure that the experience I will get from this challenging role will be worthwhile and it’s an excellent platform to prove my skills and abilities.


Contributions in organizing College Events & Activities as Student Council Vice President at Fujairah Women’s College for two years (2005-2006/ 2006-2007). One of my students won the prize of the best website around Fujairah Educational Zone and I won the prize of the best educational website around Fujairah Educational Zone. In addition, I opened Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blogger for me to use as a teacher to make my students familiar with technologies and learning materials.  Also, they can share with me any information that would be helpful to share in the classroom with other students.  Moreover, I worked as a part of many teams at school such as UNESCO team, administrative team, school building team and student safety team.  These teams were aiming to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of school yearly outcomes, both internally and externally (in society). 

Any Words of Wisdom on How You Got to Where You are Today:

 Challenge is the beginning of success. The best part of challenge is challenging yourself. You can do things you never thought you would be able to do, which drives me to keep challenging myself to achieve my goals in life.

Words of Wisdom for Current HCT Students:

Never give up your dreams. Yes, it is hard but it is worth it.