College: Abu Dhabi Women's College
Year of Graduation: 1997

I have so many good memories attached to college life. Everything that happens to us during college is important, even if we realize it only later.

We were lucky as we were only the second batch to attend ADWC. We were a small group of students so the management and teachers knew all the students and we were a close knit family. So, after I graduated I decided to stay and work in the HCT. Now, fifteen years later, I am still happy to be at the HCT as it feels like I am with ‘my family’. It actually feels like I have only been working for two or three years. The time has flown by! I am also proud of the fact that I am helping my country as the students who leave the HCT go on to work in the local community and help the economy of the UAE.

The years in college helped me to form a good perspective on life and they helped shape my personality.