Heba Al-Shehhi

College: Sharjah Women's College

My story in HCT is still ongoing, especially with Sharjah Women’s College, because HCT gave me the chance to make amazing friendships with amazing people that will hopefully last forever.

I graduated with a Higher Diploma in Business Information Technology in 2004 and then got my bachelor’s degree from SWC in 2006.

The first week of school was the most difficult week for me in college. I wasn’t content with the college as I had my eye on another university but things didn’t work out. However, regardless of my resistance, SWC pulled me to its side day by day, until I became the loyal daughter I am now. This happened through the qualities of the professional and sociable staff that I had the honor of working and dealing with during the past years.

So, for me this amazing story will never end. My loyalty is always going to be for SWC. Whenever I’m needed, I will always be there, promise!


I hope this success of HCT colleges thrives even more and more. Happy 25th anniversary!