College: Sharjah Women's College
Year of Graduation: 2008

Hessa Al Obaidli is a Sharjah-based Emirati designer whose interest in fashion is rooted from her talented mother’s influence. Her inspiration is drawn from her Emirati and Islamic heritage, combining traditional techniques with contemporary design.


Hessa Al Obaidli has redefined Abaya fashion trends to focus on simplicity and elegance. She forecasted modern and innovative trends followed by elegant and classy women.


HESSEH Abaya Haute Couture was established in May 2011 in Venice, Italy. Thecollections are all based on a concept of storytelling, combined with an imaginary location and special characters.  HESSEH shooting’s take place in exotic and privileged locations mainly abroad.

In 2006, Hessa Al Obaidli received a Higher Diploma in Business Management and HR, after which she completed her bachelor degree in Career Advising and Counseling and graduated from Sharjah Women’s College in 2008.


Since 2010, Hessa Al Obaidli holds also a Master Degree in Business Management from the University of Wellington. She manages today one of the fastest growing House of Haute Couture in the region.