Ibrahim Mohd Ibrahim Al Neaimi

College: Al Ain Men's College
Year of Graduation: 1998

Mr. Ibrahim Al Neaimi obtained a Diploma in Electronic Technology Engineering, (1998) from the HCT Al Ain Men’s College and in 2002 he obtained his Higher Diploma in Business Administration from the same college.

He later obtained his Bachelor in Business Administration from the HCT Dubai Men’s College in 2005. In 2010 he earned his Master’s degree Business Administration (MBA), from the Abu Dhabi University, Al Ain.

He is currently the Procurement & Contracting Manager for the Al Foah company. Prior to that he held senior roles at Tawam Hospital, Al Ain for a number of years.

Ibrahim is a firm believer in a positive approach to work and life, adopting the concepts of repeating your affirmations; visualising your goals and taking action.