Jasim Al Awadi

College: Sharjah Men's College

I am deeply honored to be one of the HCT graduates who got the chance to be in this anniversary website. Ten years ago, I graduated from this astonishing college. What I do remember about the time I spent in the college was the amount time I spent over nights to differentiate myself among other classmates, but remember: none of us made it here entirely on our own. Specifically, we had the help and the encouragement of our professors and families.

You will find, as you move out into the world, an increasing pressure to measure your success. Two apparently easy metrics are money and popularity. Sadly the measurable is not always an associate of the useful, and such measures are potentially risky to our sense of community and may be disabling to the individual.

Speaking of role models, I’d like to shift gears and tell you about some of the people who have had an influence on me:

Grandfather – I learned how to be an intellectual

Father – How to be self-dependent and the benefit of going into deep details of different issues.

1st uncle –  How to deal and talk differently with people of different ages

2nd uncle – The power of knowledge and academic certificates

3rd uncle – A love of life and how to differentiate yourself

Always keep in mind, as you start out on your journey, not of the beginning, but its end. When you come to leave the road and look back, what will you value most? I doubt that it will be money in the bank or how many “likes” you have on Facebook. High on the list, I think, will be human relationships and new things learned.