College: Fujairah Women's College


  • Awarded by the minister of health for developing research: “develop students awareness toward diabetes through the curriculum
  • Delivered a cascade of workshops related to Teaching Speaking, in cooperation with the British Council in Dubai
  • Developed the first UAE educational channel on Youtube
  • Developed the first English language teacher forum for teaching in UAE
  • Developed workshops in Active Learning & Thematic Planning, held at Zayid Bin Sultan   Primary School
  • Elected to be the President of the Toastmaster Club in HCT for two years and organised the Toastmaster’s International Conference 2006 in Dubai.
  • Received the Chancellor award for the highest academic achievement in B.Ed programme
  • Completed an Educational Experience Programme of Study in the University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Participated in District 79 Toastmasters Annual Conference 2005, held in Amman, Jordan

Any Words of Wisdom on How You Got to Where You are Today:

With the knowledge I gained from the four years of learning in HCT, I became very successful in my field. I have completed five years in teaching, and every year my position has been upgraded one level. Then I believed I needed to shift in order to gain managerial skills as I had a plan to develop my career path within five years. Always have a plan when you get to work. Don’t just take your work as a routine that you stay in for years with no progression. What motivates me most to explore my opportunities is the question that I often ask myself in my mind, “Where do I see myself after five years?”

Words of Wisdom for Current HCT Students:

I know your first year of college is a challenging experience, but remember that you will get out of it what you put into it. HCT gives you the opportunities to explore and experience a lot. Try not to miss that. Pick courses that you are interested in. Thus you will make your academic years worthwhile.