Kholoud  Alhefaity

College: Fujairah Women's College


  • Charted Institute of Personnel Development 2012
    • CIPD Associate Member
  • Academic Award – Highest Academic Acheivement
    • Honor with Distinction Bachlor of Business Administration  2010-2011
  • Winning the Wharton Business Plan Competition 2009-2010
    • 2nd  Runner up, awarded by Lady Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York
  • Al Maktoum Institute Summer School In Scotland (UK) 2008- 2009
    • 4 July -22 July 2009 for Culture, History and Study of Contemporary World

Any Words of Wisdom on How You Got to Where You are Today:

Having continuous determination and a set of goals will lead you to where you want to be. If a person is not questioning his existence and not seeking knowledge, I don’t think it would even worth being around!!!!

Words of Wisdom for Current HCT Students:

  • My advice is to work, work and work hard. Never expect something back because it will come definitely.
  • Don’t stop learning and searching for information. Take the initiative to lead, and always be the last for the reward.
  • Always take full opportunity of what you are learning now and implement it directly in your life. Don’t wait to be an employee to implement what you have learnt, because being in a workforce is another learning journey that you have to sail through.
  • Don’t say I can’t or I won’t do it, take as much pressure as you can because in the workforce it is always a race to excellence. Pressure will polish your skills and you would discover your ability in being a multitask performer.

Don’t let the information pass between your ears. Question the findings and dare to search more. Don’t wait to be spoon fed and use the easy shortcut because not all the roads lead to Rome ( success)