Mohamed Al Mesmari

College: Dubai Men's College

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who supported and guided me to reach where I am today. In fact, there are many elements that played an important role in my life to help me get where I am now.  The Higher Colleges of Technology is one of them, as it is the education provider where we learned and shaped our skills to the latest version. I learned many things just being in this organization; it is building the culture of leaning and gave me the opportunity to give something back to my country.

Speaking about opportunities, there were many conferences and events held in the HCT. The wide networking experience empowered me to develop and take responsibility to be in the first row and ask questions, share ideas, take feedback to shape my personal character.

These leaning tools were some of the fundamental values and principles to support us in our career.  Today, our responsibility is to guide and help the next generation of students who will be joining the HCT and we will remain around them to guide them in achieving their goals.

I wish all students the best in their academic life which will be shorter than they expect. When they are going to reach the finish line and after the graduation, all the memories will keep coming to remind them about how they should be and to remember to give the best they can.

Mohammed holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Administration majoring in Management from the Higher College of Technology, Dubai Men’s College.