Naama Humaid AlKhyeli

College: Abu Dhabi Women's College
Year of Graduation: 2001

Abu Dhabi Aviation (ADA) started to implement a new strategy during 2010, which involved investing in the human capital within the company, especially employees who were working within the firm for at least7 years. I was one of those who were devoted to ADA, scoring high performance appraisals annually, being self-confidant and a decision maker.

Originally, I was working as a General Manager Office Manager but then I was promoted to the Human Resource Manager by the General Manager himself. This was because I had an academic degree and the capabilities of running such a position. Furthermore, I had another academic certificate, more specialized in Human Resource such as a Diploma in CIPD (The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). This certificate empowered me and gave me the right to seek for this position.

Moreover, during my work as an office manager, I showed several qualities such as dedication to work, and taking on a job no matter how small it was. I showed I was eager to learn more, taking chances and well-studied decisions during crises.

When I was interviewed for this position by the Chairman of Abu Dhabi Aviation, I showed exactly what they were looking for; I was capable to handle the job, yet a familiar face to be interacting with the employees. By beginning of 2012 I was formally announced as HR manager.

To conclude, never look down on any position when you are a fresh graduate. Look for the best that suits your studies and in the same field. Moreover, your dream job won’t come by itself, you should chase it and create opportunities and these opportunities come by following the moralities of the job. Because someday your manager will spot a quality in you and promote you for something better than what you expected.