College: Ras Al Khaimah Women's College
Year of Graduation: 2007

We were four students and friends at the same time and we had a difficult project. We divided it among us, so that we each took a part to work on. We also selected one of us to be the team leader.

Our team leader thought that we weren’t doing our parts fairly and that we were always depending on her to help us and do the work herself. So, she went to the teacher and told him that we weren’t doing our part properly and she requested to submit the project on her own. We were very upset at her action, as she should have talked to us and solved the problem before she went to the teacher to make the problem bigger. As a result the teacher gave each one of us a separate project to work on and based on the result he would see if we were really working or not. We did prove to him that we were working.

Our friend later apologised for what she did and we got back as a team but, with more attention to our actions among each other, especially if the project was group work.