The HCT/Nikai Awards for student and faculty excellence were launched in 2007.

The Awards, are proudly sponsored annually by the Nikai Group, support innovation in education by students and faculty members who demonstrate great aptitude, creativity, innovation and dedication to their studies and fields of endeavour at the HCT. The awards see the winners receive significant cash prizes, electronic equipment and a commemorative certificate.

In the student category there is one overall award winner as the judges consider the students’ suitability under the criteria of Academic Excellence (maintaining a minimum semester GPA of 3.5); Community Service; Significant contributions to student life and college activities and Awards/distinctions received.

The Nikai faculty awards are given for each of the two semesters and are awarded to innovative programs, projects or initiatives which enhance student learning and skills. The award criteria includes innovation in teaching and the criteria considered were Quality; Creativity and Timeliness; Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness; Sharability and Replication; and Sustainability.